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  • CAD$24.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Multiple high-visibility colors for marking training areas 2-inches tall Durable, will not break when stepped on. Includes 20 cones – 5 each: yellow, black, white, orange  Carry rack for easy transport and storage

  • CAD$29.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction Improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency Develop the core skills necessary to enhance balance, rhythm and body control 11 Heavy-duty plastic rungs for high-intensity training Includes carry bag for easy portability

  • CAD$49.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Switch between a flat ladder and 4" hurdles in seconds 7 ft, 6-rung long ladder Each ladder rung measures 26" wide and 15" long Folds down quickly for convenient storage Made of durable lightweight PVC plastic for portability Includes a convenient carry bag and usage guide

  • CAD$9.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Six-sided high-bounce rubber design causes the ball to leap and hop randomly Use solo on hard surfaces or walls or in a team setting Sharpens depth perception while making training fun and effective Great training tool for all sports

  • CAD$34.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Develop evasive offensive skills and lock-down defensive technique Simulate one-on-one coverage through a variety of shadow drills Adjustable 360° Reaction Belts with free motion ring allow for freedom of movement in all directions Includes two belts, three sets of velcro break-away leashes(4, 7, & 10 feet) and carry bag

  • CAD$49.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Highly durable, multi-directional speed, agility and plyometric hurdles Bounce-back construction Superior, one-piece twist design Lightweight, durable and easy to store Includes six 6-inch hurdles

  • CAD$79.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Elevate speed and agility training with flexible, multi-height hurdles One button, quick-adjusting heights for varying training drills Choose from 6-, 9- or 12-inch settings to add or decrease intensity Highly durable, stable and bounces back instantly when stepped on Folds down for easy storage in convenient carrying case Comes as a pack...

  • CAD$59.99

    PRODUCT FEATURES Tangle-free fold means no time spent untangling and more time training Ends and sides are extensible for attaching more ladders Low profile edges minimize chance of catching cleats Rigid, hinged side rails for easy set-up and breakdown 10 foot long includes 7 rungs measuring 21" wide and 17" long

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items